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What is Chair Yoga:

This works to stretch and strengthen the whole body; great if you are in recovery, unable to get up and down from the floor, or just want a good, seated workout. You will also learn about your body and how to help it feel better and work better for you!

It is an adaptation of yoga poses and rehabilitation exercises that can be done simply in a chair to help improve strength, flexibility, and breathing.  It is not a ‘soft’ option, though everything can be adapted and modified to the individual and made as ‘soft’ as needed. Even modifications can be modified and may look rather different from the original poses. The body’s intelligence will respond when it is shown the direction it needs to go in and does not always need the full pose to feel the benefit.

Who is Chair Yoga for?

Chair yoga is a useful option for people who are injured or less able to get up and down from the floor as they can benefit from the increased flexibility, strength, and breathing without stressing their bodies. It is also useful for people who spend long hours sitting, such as at a desk or in planes, trains, and automobiles, as well as for a texter’s neck. Some of my mat yoga students attend chair yoga as they like the focus of seated exercise.

What do we do?

We sit on chairs in a large semi-circle, so everyone can see me and see each other. We exercise in bare feet, where possible. I check in with everyone at the start to see how they are doing; if there is a new person in the class, we invite people to say a few words to welcome and encourage them.

We aim to stretch and strengthen all parts of the body, from toes to fingers, including the jaw. There is a structure to the exercises and some we do every week, others we rotate so there is always some variety.

I will explain exactly what we are doing and what parts of the body we are working on, as well as what we are aiming to help in our lives. Sometimes this may sound like ‘bla bla’, though my students assure me they find it useful and interesting and learn from it. We always have an element of fun and a giggle!

What to bring?

  • warm socks or a mat to place your feet on.
  • a block or cushion if your feet do not touch the ground!
  • a yoga belt or a dressing gown cord.
  • a small weight, which could be a bottle of water as we sometimes use this in exercises.
  • a large bag or cushion to put under your foot is helpful if you have limited hip or knee movement.

My teaching style:

I draw on nearly 40 years of experience in Osteopathy and a previous life as a dance teacher. I create a safe and friendly environment where people can explore and use their bodies in ways that they can physically manage for the benefit of their health, mobility, and well-being. I believe that yoga works for us, we can embrace it as a learning journey, and it needs to have an element of fun. It is a tool to help guide us and show us the way through all stages and issues in life.

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“Great for people who are new to yoga, have limited flexibility, or maybe have problems with knees and joints. Feels like a proper yoga experience and is immensely enjoyable”.

“I have enjoyed chair yoga very much. I have always wanted to try it, but the lack of flexibility was holding me back. During Lin’s chair yoga class, I have learned breathing techniques and a few easy but beneficial poses to carry on practicing yoga in my own time”.

“I recently started Chair Yoga with Lin and I can honestly say it’s been great. Everyone is friendly and it’s accessible to all.

It’s also reduced my lower back pain and taught me how to manage my symptoms.”

Improve strength and flexibility with Aether Bios Chair Yoga classes

I run Chair Yoga classes on Wednesdays at Saltdean Lido from 11.15 am – 12 noon.

My YouTube channel has a chair yoga video and videos for most parts of the body.

I am happy to advise you on your health matters.

Lin Bridgeford


Registered Osteopath & Kinesiologist & Senior Yoga Teacher

Master Hypnosis and NLP Practitioner and Trainer

Aether Bios Clinic, Saltdean

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