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Sound Therapy

Sound Therapist in Saltdean, Brighton & Hove, Horam

Gongs, Tuning Forks, Bowls & Voice

Groups and Individuals

With 40 years experience in sound therapy and a lifetime involved with music Lin will immerse you in the harmonic frequencies of Sound Therapy and reconnect with the pure self and experience nourishing self-care.

Bring the Light within through Holistic Sound therapies to help healing, self development and progress. The sound healing encourages cellular detoxification and rejuvenation.

Reach a higher level of consciousness with sound vibration and massage your internal organs to encourage cellular detoxification and rejuvenation.

“Lin has used tuning forks during some of my treatments and I have always found the experience to be most beneficial.

The variations in sound are quite remarkable. These sounds, for me, seem to surround completely, flowing through my body on varying levels…always in a gentle but penetrating way.

Their use has been particularly beneficial at times when feeling ‘stuck’ on any level.”‘
” – Lindsey Anderson

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tuning fork therapy saltdean brighton

Tuning Forks

A gentle non-invasive therapy using the vibrations of the tuning forks to diagnose and address imbalances in the body.

Through the releasing of energy blockages the tuning forks technique tunes your body and frees up your aura releasing thought and chakras whilst relaxing the body & mind.

Through the releasing of energy blockages the tuning forks technique tunes your body and frees up your aura releasing thought and chakras whilst relaxing the body & mind. This release of stress and tension assists a natural detox process within our cells and eliminates stagnation, the cause of much illness.

“Physical sound can lead you to the inner vibration of wellness!”

Sound Bowls

A gentle non-invasive treatment using the vibrations of the bowls to bring harmony to the body. This release of stress and tension assists a natural detox process within our cells and eliminates stagnation, the cause of much illness.

Some bowls vibrate in the atmosphere creating a frequency around the person and some are designed to also vibrate directly into the body when placed on it.

Bring the Light within through Holistic Sound Healing to help healing, self development and progress.

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Gong Sound Baths

The gong sounds bring a sense of deep relaxation to many people who experience them.

With nearly 40 years of sound therapy experience, our Gong Meditation Sound Baths create a healing space for your peace of mind, wellbeing and freedom. It is like taking a healing journey – back to yourself.

Relax to the sound of the Gongs while you sit in a chair or lay on your mat under a warm blanket and enjoy gentle yet deep vibrational healing.

Experience the healing frequencies of sound therapy and deep relaxation effects of a therapeutic Gong Meditation Sound Bath.

Get in touch with Lin now to book your session.

“Attending live gongs sessions with Lin has been a revelation. The sessions themselves are deeply relaxing – an oasis of calm in a busy week. The benefits that follow seem to vary for everyone, but for me, they have included a reduction in tinnitus, an increase in energy and a feeling of being ‘boosted’ in terms of mood and optimism. Thank you, Lin.” – Jill P, Rottingdean

Gong Sound Baths – Online sessions

An online gong experience is slightly different from a live experience though the benefits are the same – deep relaxation.

In both cases the effect of the sound through the ears has a beneficial impact on the vagus nerve, bringing a sense of relaxation. This is a deep relaxation where you are able to let go and allow healing to occur at a cellular level.

It is best to listen online through headphones; some people attend in bed and go straight to sleep afterwards, some are in other countries where it is definitely bed time. I need to check everyone is okay at the beginning and end; during the session most people turn off their cameras and I mute everyone so snoring, etc. can be done without disturbing others. Pets often attend too.

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday’s gong meditation. The sound was amazing. I felt that I had travelled through the universe and returned safely to the earth. It was very powerful, amazing and wonderful. Thank you so much.” – Carole

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Healing with the voice

The voice is often called the ‘Muscle of the Soul’. When we connect with our true voice we feel the power of our soul flowing through our body.

Voice healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health using the voice as a therapeutic tool.

Lin will work with you using the voice to help heal, revitalise or simply connect to yourself in a better and clearer way. 

“I found it very moving you singing for me and even more when you were singing my name. Your voice carries a lot of heart, that makes it even stronger.

Directly after the session I felt very relaxed and playful.

The days since I have a lot more energy, feel closer to myself, more at peace with just me and feel more joy in the things I’m doing. Thank you for your gift of your voice from the heart.” – Dita

The Assemblage Point

The Assemblage Point is the very centre of the human electromagnetic field, the point at which a vortex emerges and where life force energy is able to enter the electromagnetic body. When this point is out of alignment or position it can have a direct effect on our physical and psychological health, emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health issues.

Lin can help you re-align your natural assemblage point to help feel more positive and happier.

“Thank you so much for my treatment of the Assemblage Point, which I really believe has made a difference. I have always responded well to treatment and this was no different although upon returning to work I have found myself feeling more clarity throughout the day, less of an energy dip and overall better within myself. So impressive!” – K.E.

gong therapy in brighton sussex
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