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Vitamin D in the news 2011 – (Aether Bios Clinic) Bridgeford’s Best Bites: Nutrition Tips November 2011

This sunshine vitamin can be a challenge to keep topped up in UK winters and cloudy summers

Below are extracts from news about Vitamin D featured in 2011.

“Millions of people may be at risk of ill-health because of low levels of vitamin D”

MEDSCAPE 09.06.11 Vitamin D deficiency is associated with far-reaching health consequences, including diabetes, autoimmune disorders, various cancers, and infection. An association with autoimmune disease (particularly multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes) is well established; supplementation can potentially avoid the development of type 1 diabetes. Complications of diabetes may be worsened by deficiency.

Deficiency associated with development of type 2 diabetes, infection, allergy, asthma, and dermopathies (particularly psoriasis) and multiple cancers, including breast, colon, ovary, and prostate.

Daily Mail 11.10.11 “CAN VITAMIN D PILLS EASE BOWEL TROUBLE?” Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory gut condition has increased hugely over the past 50 years. International studies will look at the theory that supplementing will alter their immune system naturally.

Daily Mail 20.8.11 “PREGNANT WOMEN HIT BY RETURN OF RICKETS” Pregnant women are advised to take vitamin D supplements. Deficiency can lead to seizures, heart failure & rickets in their children. Rickets has increased significantly in UK children, including middle-class youngsters. Diabetes, asthma, multiple sclerosis and life-threatening heart disease in babies are also linked to low levels in early life.

Medscape 11.08.11 VITAMIN D FOR PREVENTION OF OSTEOPOROTIC FRACTURES and to promote healthy aging; shown together with calcium to reduce total fractures by 14% and hip fractures by 18%.

Daily Express 27.7.11 “HOW SOME EXTRA SUNLIGHT CAN SLASH RISK OF DIABETES” Low levels put people at risk of developing type-2 diabetes. Deficiency could be to blame for 600,000 annual cancer cases worldwide. Vitamin D shown to cut risk of bowel cancer by 40% & breast cancer by 50%.

Medscape 21.06.11 INCREASED CIRCULATING VITAMIN D LEVELS ASSOCIATED WITH WEIGHT LOSS in postmenopausal women, independent on whether the loss was achieved through lower caloric intake or increased physical activity.

Medscape 14.06.11 HIGH DOSES OF VITAMIN D SUPPLEMENTATION IMPROVE COPD REHABILITATION (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) showing significant improvements in respiratory muscle strength and exercise capacity.

The Independent 12.5.2011 ‘SUNSHINE VITAMIN’ PILLS MAY EXTEND LIVES IN CANCER PATIENTS. Supplementing low levels, costing a few pence, more helpful than drugs like interferon, costing £10,000 a year. Most cancer patients found low in vitamin D and calcium and prescribing them improved survival.

D. Telegraph 12.4.11 “HIGHER VITAMIN D DOSE COULD HELP ELDERLY PROTECT EYESIGHT” and significantly lower the risk of macular degeneration (AMD) of the eyes. Of 1,313 women aged 50-79 who took 18mg a day, were 59% less likely to develop AMD than those on less than 3mg.

Daily Express 19.1.11 ”VITAMIN D AGONY FOR SUNSCREEN GIRL” Tyler Attrill, aged 12, wore factor 50 sunscreen outdoors; after years of painful legs, found to have a vitamin D shortage linked to rickets, the serious bone disease. Supplementation corrected the problem.


  • Regularly expose your skin to safe levels of sunlight, 10-15 minutes is enough for fair skin
  • Eat oily fish and eggs for good sources of vitamin D; some foods are fortified; supplement!
  • Get a light box or full spectrum daylight bulbs, especially if you suffer with S.A.D


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