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Sound Healing – Tuning Forks, Bowls & Gongs

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We have used sound since time began; using the voice, sticks, stones, animal hides, pipes, reeds, leaves and many things from nature to either soothe or stimulate us for a variety of purposes. Sound healing is the conscious therapeutic application of sound frequencies to a person, with the intention of restoring health. Sound has been used in temples, rituals and religious practices since recorded history. The most natural form of sound healing is the lullaby, that is instinctively sung to soothe a babe in arms, and is naturally accompanied by the heartbeat of the person holding the child.

Tuning Forks are a fundamental tool that allows us to create precision frequencies. The aluminium forks make an audible sound and can be played in a room or directed towards an area of the body. The stainless steel forks are less audible and usually the non vibrating end is placed on a person’s body to transmit a specific frequency to a particular part of the body.

Singing Bowls are played by striking or by rotating a mallet around the outside rim to produce a musical note. Much as you would with your finger around the top of a glass of mine, making a different note for different volumes of wine! These are said to originate in China, pre-dating Buddha. Some are designed to resonate more into the atmosphere, while others more to resonate into the body when place on it; some do both! Originally made of metal, there are now crystal versions available.

Gongs are played by striking them with a mallet. They are generally played hanging on a stand and smaller ones can also be carried around. Each gong is individually made and even though they may be tuned to a particular frequency, each one has its own unique character.

Modern medicine uses sound for diagnostics and treatment.
Diagnostically the Stethoscope is used to listen to heart and lung sounds. Ultrasound is used to monitor the development of an unborn baby and to assess the function of the heart and other organs. Ultrasound is also used for treatment using high intensity ultrasonic waves combined with MR thermometry (temperature measurement) to target and treat diseased tissue. Focused ultrasound is used to treat essential tremor and uterine fibroids and is being studied for treatment of breast lesions, tumours of brain and bone, heart rhythm conditions and more.

Science and Experiments:
• Sound can modify DNA: In 2011, Russia biophysicist Pjotr Garjajev conducted experiments to modify DNA using sound and light frequencies only. Frog embryos were successfully transformed into salamander embryos by transmitting the DNA information patterns via frequencies alone.
• Sound can levitate: In 2015, a team of scientists built a device that can levitate and manipulate small objects in the air. Theoretically if the sound were amplified enough, much larger objects could be levitated.
• Sound can boil water: In 2008, 92 year old saxophonist and inventor, Peter Davey, created a device that boils water in seconds, using only sound waves. He calls it the “sonic boiler”. How the heater actually works had confounded experts.
• Sound can create light: Sonoluminescence is the emission of short bursts of light from imploding bubbles in a liquid when excited by sound. In the laboratory, it can be made to be stable, so that a single bubble will expand and collapse over and over again in a periodic fashion, emitting a burst of light each time it collapses.
• Sound moves faster than light: In 2007, US scientists experimentally demonstrated that sound pulses can travel at velocities faster than the speed of light. They designed an unusual waveguide to make sound move at ‘superluminal’ speeds. The underlying waves that make up the pulse remain at subluminal velocities, so no information, matter or energy actually travels faster than light! Until now superluminal acoustic waves have only existed in theory.
• Sound can kill viruses: In 2008, research mathematically determined the frequencies at which simple viruses could be de-activated. This arises from an inherent characteristics of all objects called “resonant frequency”: the frequency at which an object naturally vibrates. Laser pulses tuned to the right frequency can shake the capsid, or shell of a virus. Locating these frequencies is the challenge!

What to Expect from a Gong Bath Sound Relaxation
The participant generally lays down, either on a yoga mat or treatment couch, depending on the location. It is also possible to sit in a chair where laying down is uncomfortable or impractical. Wear warm clothing and it is good to have a warm cosy blanket. You just lay down and relax and let the sounds wash over you. These can vary from bells, bowls, rattles and shakers to various sizes of gongs, occasionally there may be silence. This is usually a relaxing experience similar to meditation and people often fall asleep. Occasionally, some of the sounds produced may seem strange.

My Experience with Sound Therapy
I have worked with sound therapy for 35 years; initially using tuning forks with Fabien Maman, then Peter Goldman. My most recent passion is gongs and bowls. My intention is always to ground and balance a person where they are and invite healing in to where it is needed for them and their body. Even though it is relaxing, I like to make sure people are fit to function in the world when they leave.

Gong Bath Sound Relaxation
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