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NLP: Changing your Mind about new year resolutions

Using New Year as a focus is a great start for making changes – or is it? Common resolution themes revolve around health and behaviour: stopping smoking, losing weight, stopping an unwanted or unhelpful habit, behaviour, limiting belief or phobia; starting a new exercise program, healthy eating, a new career path, a new relationship or learning a new skill.

How often have you set out with good intentions only to give up on them before the end of January? If what you have been doing is not working for you, it’s time to do something new.

If you think you should change and a part of you very strongly doesn’t want to, then it may not be the right time for you to consider effective change as you may unpick any changes you set up for yourself and revert back – sound familiar?

If you want to find a new way to successfully make and keep resolutions it is helpful to look at what you want to stop, what you want to start and what you want to keep.

It is considered that our unconscious mind knows everything and its main task is to take care of us and keep us safe. Throughout life we create habits, thoughts and behaviours to ensure this happens; sometimes these come from trauma and other times from events that seem less traumatic. We also create positive and neutral habits, thoughts and behaviours. There is always a positive intention behind these behaviours, though sometimes the less positive ‘programs’ are out of date and can be interfering with our lives, without us knowing it.

Using language patterns (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnosis techniques can be a gentle and empowering way to make the lasting changes we desire, ensuring that the unconscious mind still fulfils its role of protecting us and that all positive intentions are still met.

Hypnosis uses a gentle state of relaxation that feels similar to yoga relaxation (Yoga Nidra) at the end of class. It is about YOU creating a greater rapport with YOUR own unconscious mind to help YOU create the behaviours YOU desire. YOU are always fully in control and will not be running around doing silly things like on a stage show!

I will design a tailor-made package to help support you through the changes you desire. Depending on the change desired, these may be supported by nutritional and physical help using Osteopathy, Kinesiology and/or Yoga and Meditation techniques.

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