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Kick Start Healthy Eating Resolutions – Bridgeford’s Best Bites

Blog photo croppedThe media suggests that Christmas is a happy, peaceful time spent with loving families, though in reality there can be added stresses and strains with excesses of food, alcohol and television as well as limited routine, exercise and healthy food.  1st January brings a new impulse with resolutions to clean up, sober up, shape up and lose weight. For resolutions to stand the test of time, the basis of them needs to be sound.

Denial Doesn’t Work

The brain (and subconscious) has no sense of humour and does not understand words like “NOT” and “DON’T”. “I must NOT eat chocolate” becomes a mantra of “I must eat chocolate”. Sound familiar? Be aware of what you say repeatedly to yourself and others.

Make Positive Choices – Add Good Things

It is generally easier to add something rather than exclude something from your diet. Rather than just focusing on avoiding, e.g. sweets or puddings, rather focus on eating a healthier diet and your body will not crave so much of the “bad” stuff. “Metabolic Programming” is when your  body gets used to eating healthier food and develops a preference for that; sadly the more junk you eat the more junk you crave.

Start With A Decision And Make Specific Choices

The first step is to make a decision to improve your health. Then choose something simple and specific that you can manage to implement, maintain and measure, e.g.

  • Drink a glass of water on rising / half hour before meals / with coffee / alternately with alcohol
  • Add green leafy vegetables to stew or pasta in the last minutes of cooking
  • Substitute one of your less healthy foods with a healthier choice, e.g.
    • boiled potatoes instead of chips
    • poach, steam, grill rather than fry
    • overripe bananas are sugar, almost ripe are carbohydrate
    • fruit instead of sugary puddings
  • Increase your fruit and vegetable intake one piece at a time, to at least 5 a day according to 1970’s figures, more if you want optimum health
  • Regularly eat a vegetable that you have not tried before

Be Gentle with Yourself – Be Realistic

Falling off the healthier eating wagon is not a reason to give up. Give yourself a day off occasionally, then get back to it.

Observe and Change Your Habits – Be Honest With Yourself

Keep making positive decisions and healthier choices all year. Take control of your own health and stack the odds of good health in your favour. Many serious illnesses can brew for years before being felt or diagnosed. NOW is the time for prevention and aiming to be around to enjoy your life and families.

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