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January Cleanup and Reality Check – (Aether Bios Clinic) Bridgeford’s Best Bites: Nutrition Tips

New Year resolutions fresh in mind and will we stick to them?      

Make simple, lasting changes that could transform your life!

You could take simple steps in your life by making ongoing resolutions to improve your health and wellbeing.

Early detection

It seems that people get ill suddenly, but we can be ill for a long time and still feel relatively well.

Our bodies are wonderful at compensating for all sorts of problems and conditions.

They strive for Homeostasis (equilibrium) both physically and chemically, which also helps our mental balance.

It is only when we lose the ability to compensate that we feel ill or in pain and then it seems quite sudden.

The basics are simple

We live in the 21st Century, but our bodies still operate in the Stone Age.

Many of our basic needs for good health are tainted by modern day processing and toxicity.

If our food is so processed it won’t rot, is it really food?

Modern medicine treats disease though we all know that “Prevention is better than Cure”!

Buy the cleanest products you can afford and remember local is best.

Make conscious choices NOW to make your health a priority, it takes far less effort when you are well.

  • Air:   breath well in clean fresh air
  • Food:   eat a clean, unprocessed, healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables
  • Water:   drink 1½ – 2½ litres of clean fresh water daily
  • Exercise:   regularly to suit your body
  • Rest:   get adequate rest and sleep to restore you
  • Relax:   don’t sweat the small stuff

You are what you eat – add the good stuff

Junk food can be very addictive and sudden withdrawal can be like coming off a drug.

Start adding the simple basics and sooner or later, they will become what your body wants.

You may also find you have more energy to cope with resisting the cravings for the bad stuff.

Make simple, realistic, lasting changes

List the changes you need to make to get back to basics to improve your health and wellbeing.

Define manageable, measurable, baby steps to progress you towards your goal.

If taking the steps doesn’t work in reality, then keep redefining them.

The best exercise or eating program is the one you will do, make a start and build up gradually.

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