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How we can Help YOU Feel Better with Aether Bios SOUND THERAPY

I am passionate about helping people feel better in themselves and their bodies using Sound Therapy/Vibrational Healing. I use tuning forks, and gongs, including various incidental instruments like rain sticks, ocean drums, whistles, bowls, drones, and the voice. Science has shown that sound can modify DNA, levitate small objects, boil water, kill viruses, create light, and move faster than light.

How are the instruments used to make sound?

The voice is the original sound healing instrument, with the lullaby being the most natural form of sound healing. It is more about loving intention than having a perfect singing voice, every parent can sing and make sounds to soothe their child.

Tuning forks, made of steel or aluminium make sounds by striking them against something or striking them together.

Singing Bowls are played using a mallet to strike them or rotating it around the outside rim to produce a musical note.

Gongs are played by striking them with a mallet or stroking them with a ‘flumey’. They are generally played hanging on a stand and smaller ones can be carried around.

How is the sound applied?

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Tuning forks are a gentle non-invasive therapy to diagnose and address imbalances in the body. A harmonic sound passed through an area of disharmony will change the sound and can be used diagnostically and individually. The therapeutic sound is applied according to the individual need and what is being checked. Aluminium forks make an audible sound, that can be used for diagnostics and treatment, directed at the body or a space, as in space clearing to bring harmony into an environment. Stainless steel forks are less audible, and the non-vibrating end can be placed directly on the body to transmit a specific frequency to a part of the body, e.g. bone, which is a great conductor of sound. It is possible to work with the body tissues and the ‘energy’ surrounding the body – we are all aware of someone coming close to us before we hear or see them.

Singing Bowls can be designed to resonate into the body when placed on it, or into the atmosphere and are often used as part of a Sound Bath. Originally made of metal, there are now crystal versions available.

Gongs are made of metal and are experienced by listening to their sounds and feeling their vibrations, usually in a Sound Bath.

The Voice is used to direct sound to the body, usually in a Sound Bath.

What are Sound Baths/Showers?

You lay down or sit comfortably to enable relaxation and become immersed in various sounds. These may be with any of the instruments mentioned though they may be advertised as Gong or Voice sound baths and should be deeply relaxing.

My Experience with Sound Therapy

College of Sound Healing member

I have worked with sound therapy for over 40 years; initially using tuning forks with Fabien Maman and Peter Goldman. My more recent passion is gongs, bowls, and the voice and I am a qualified tutor with the College of Sound Healing. I grew up in a musical family and learned to dance to quality live music. I play multiple instruments and have a daily meditation practice of sounding with the voice to balance my energies ready for the day.

I have a fantastic library of videos to help support you in feeling better.

Relax, restore, and rejuvenate by experiencing an individual session or for up to 3 people in my sound studio in Saltdean.

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Lin Bridgeford


Registered Osteopath & Kinesiologist & Senior Yoga Teacher

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