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How we can Help YOU Feel Better at Aether Bios Clinic

I am passionate about helping people feel better in themselves and their bodies. I use a variety of tools to help people regain their abilities as far as possible and to partake in the activities they love. It is less about being perfect, and more about having enough balance and harmony in your system to enable you to live your life to the fullest potential. It is also about understanding how to be with yourself, listen to your body, and know the tools and tricks to help you when you get stuck. 


I work holistically to get to the cause of the cause of the cause! The main aim, in the beginning, is to bring relief for your current suffering and symptoms as soon as possible, whether it be pain and limitation, issues with sleep, mental health, digestion, stress, biochemical problems, etc.

Each person and their situation are individual and different at different times. Firstly, I listen to your story, then I listen to your body’s story. The body remembers everything that has ever happened to it and knows the best route to recovery – we need to have a way to listen and respond! Being pain-free is not enough, you need to be able to do the things you love.

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Listening to your story:

I ask you to prepare a concise list of your medical history in advance, to help you answer my questions. I do not read your notes, they are to help you answer quickly and simply rather than using the session as an aide memoir.

I ask you what is troubling you, what you are experiencing when it started, if it has happened before, and what type of treatment you are having currently, or have had in the past. I will also ask what impact the problem is having on your life.

I also ask about surgeries, accidents, injuries, falls, fractures, illnesses, medication, and family medical history, from day 1. For example, age 6 tonsils, age 15 appendix, age 25 RTA, etc. We will have time for the details later, just need the outline story to make a start towards understanding and recovery.

To complete the health questionnaire and to understand your body and the impact of your life, past and present on your body, I will ask about your systems, i.e. respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, genito-urinary, reproductive, nervous, musculoskeletal, etc. In other words, how you eat, sleep, feel, excrete, etc. I will ask about pregnancies and deliveries, energy, diet, allergies, and your work and social activities; and also, what you love to do!

At some point during the story, I will explain what I feel may be happening in your body to cause your problem, and how we can work together towards recovery.



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