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From Pyramid to Food Plate – (Aether Bios Clinic) Bridgeford’s Best Bites: Nutrition Tips

5th – 11th July is Childhood Obesity Awareness Week 2011. July 2011 is also Ice Cream month!

The food plate is important for avoiding obesity and encouraging health by eating a balanced diet 

The food plate has replaced the pyramid that was established in USA in 1992 as a guideline to a balanced diet.

The plate is divided into food groups considered easier to understand for all ages, cultures and ethnic groups

  • half is fruit and vegetables
  • quarter is protein
  • quarter is grains (preferably whole grains)
  • next to the plate is a serving of dairy, which could also be fortified soy milk gives more specific guidelines on the food groups

  • choose a variety of fruit and vegetables to ensure a wide range of plant-based nutrients and to maximise nutrient intake
  • choose a variety of lean proteins and fat-free or low fat dairy or soy milk
  • make at least half of your grains whole
  • include calcium rich foods (dairy)

Balance Calories

  • enjoy your food but eat less
  • avoid over-sized portions

Foods to Increase

  • fruit and vegetables
  • whole grains
  • low fat dairy
  • water

Foods to Reduce

  • Sodium – compare the content on food labels, choosing the food with lower sodium numbers
  • substitute sugary drinks that add unnecessary calories with drinking plenty of water covers details of

  • five healthy food groups
    • what constitutes a serving
    • how much is recommended per day based on age
    • why/how the food group is important for health
    • how you and your family can reach the daily and weekly goals
  • healthy oils versus harmful trans fats
  • empty calories (solid fats and added sugars)
  • guidance for physical activity, food safety, sample menus, counting mixed dishes
  • tips for eating out, for vegetarians and ten tips nutrition education  is a simple point system to help you choose the nutrient rich foods (Nutri Heroes) as opposed to the calorie rich and nutrient poor foods (Nutri Zeros).

For example when choosing 2 cups each green leaves, the nutripoints relating to nutritional value are

  • green lettuce 34
  • romain lettuce 48
  • spinach 75
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