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February Hibernation – Withdraw to Re-Energise

It is the time of year when our bodies are telling us to go into the cave and pull over the leaves!

In Chinese medicine it relates to the kidney energy and our basic energy reserves.


In nature everything slows down, the trees have lost their leaves and the flowers do not bloom. Yet, we still run around with our busy lives, expecting our bodies to support us when in reality they need some support.

So, how can we give ourselves a type of healthy hibernation while still living active lives?


Our kidney energy is the basic energy that supports us, that is not dependent on stimulants like coffee, alcohol and stress to keep us going. Now is the time to stoke that fire and build some good reserves that we can draw on in times of need. It is quite simple, though not necessarily easy to do.

  • Get plenty  of good rest, go to sleep an hour earlier than usual
  • Limit your intake of stimulants like coffee, sugar and alcohol
  • Limit your exposure to stress and manage it with awareness, breathing and yoga


Reduced activity lends itself to a time of re-evaluation. This is a good time to re-assess goals in all areas of life, personal, business and health, etc. In the still point of winter, get close to your truest self and take the time to prepare for future action.

Nutritional Support (with professional help to assess accurately)

  • Cleanse the kidneys with cornsilk to help clear the grit that builds up before stones are formed
  • Support the cleanse with buchu to avoid any infection
  • Examples of minerals: copper, iron, magnesium, selenium, zinc
  • Examples of vitamins:  B2, B5, B6, B12, folic acid
  • Examples of amino acids: cysteine, glutathione, glutamic and glucuronic acid
  • Examples of others: broccoli,  dandelion, MSM, mustard, watercress, water
  • Vitamin D to add that extra light into our bodies
  • Adrenal Support

Valentine’s Love Day

Get relaxed and refreshed to be loved and loving this valentine’s day. Eat all the red foods to energise you.

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