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Cinnamon – Bridgeford’s Best Bites: Nutrition Tips

Cinnamon is one of the oldest known spices. It was used in ancient Egypt as a spice and a medicine and has several references in the Bible. The healing components are oils in the bark of the cinnamon tree, available dried in a quill or ground into a powder.  Ceylon cinnamon is considered the true cinnamon and has higher healing properties than the Chinese Cassia cinnamon, which may have health risks if consumed in regular large doses.

Be sure to buy good quality organic cinnamon, available at health food stores, you will taste the difference.  It is an excellent source of manganese and a good source of fibre and calcium, though virtually calorie free.


Cinnamon has been shown to induce tumour cell death, making it a helpful addition in an anti-cancer regime.

Anti-inflammatory, Anti-clotting, Arthritis

During physical injury blood platelets clump together to stop bleeding in an emergency. If this happens under normal conditions it can inhibit blood flow and stimulate release of inflammatory arachidonic acid, which can be reduced by taking cinnamon, lessening inflammation and helping arthritis.


Cinnamon  has been studied for its ability to stop fungi, including Candida and other yeasts. It is a good food preservative, killing food borne pathogens as well as adding flavour to soups and stews.


Has powerful anti-oxidant properties.


Chronic inflammation plays a role in neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s multiple sclerosis, brain tumour and meningitis. Cinnamon’s anti- inflammatory properties can be helpful in protecting your nerves as well as boosting your brain function and memory.


Half a teaspoon daily can help to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol, reducing risk factors of cardiovascular disease.

Diabetes, Glucose, Insulin

Daily cinnamon can help people with type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance to respond better to insulin. It can moderate the glucose response in normal weight and obese adults, helping control blood sugar levels and reducing insulin resistance. It helps to increase reserve stores of glycogen in the liver.


Cinnamon can be helpful for constipation related IBS.

Hormones, Stress

Cinnamon stimulates progesterone secretion in adrenal cells and may help menstrual pain and infertility.

Weight control

Anti-obesity due to its body fat lowering properties (see Cholesterol and Diabetes).

Adding Cinnamon to your Diet (sprinkle on cereal, toast and honey, cakes, use in stews)

  • Sprinkle on cereal  and in smoothies
  • Add to cakes, pastries, soups and stews
  • Honey and cinnamon on toast of oatcakes makes a tasty snack with a hot beverage

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