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Body compensation and scars

The body is a magnificently intelligent ‘machine’ that is able to withstand a certain amount of abuse without apparent problems. This enables us to continue to function in a relatively normal manor even when we are compromised.

We are all familiar with the way the body compensates for a problem, e.g. where we automatically place more weight on one leg when the other one hurts. We do not really need to think about this as the body does it automatically and very effectively. If you observe a child with a hip problem, you may notice that they walk very effectively by swinging the affected leg out to the side.

Similarly, when we have a minor injury the body compensates by moving or holding itself slightly differently to avoid pain and discomfort and within a few days we feel apparently better. After many years a build-up of various compensations can become too much and the body starts to give us symptoms because it loses its ability to compensate so well. We often call this ‘aging’, and whilst things do change as we age, I see many people who feel old before their time because they are carrying around too many compensations for injuries that have been left untreated. By helping the body to correct and balance itself after injury and illness, we can create more room for compensation when needed and more possibility to feel vital, which should be our natural state.

I wrote some time ago about Maintenance Osteopathic Treatment (M.O.T.) where we treat our bodies as well as we treat our cars to keep them in optimum condition, even though we may feel quite well. This helps to iron out the creases and increases our capacity to compensate as some of the load we didn’t know we were carrying can be lightened.

When we have pain in the body, we naturally tend to lean into or away from the pain in order to find a comfortable position.

If you have ever had abdominal surgery, you are very aware of this. As you recover from surgery this is no longer necessary, however, the body tends to continue to ‘hug the lesion (problem)’ even though this may not be obvious. With our fantastic ability to compensate we can carry this adaptive posture for a great number of years without apparent problem. However, a minor incident can suddenly trigger symptoms or they can gradually creep up on us over time.

Whilst there is no scientific evidence that this occurs, I have treated many people for such conditions and helped to alleviate their suffering.

Many women can suffer with lower back issues after C-section deliveries or hysterectomies, sometimes several years later. I have found that including treatment of the tensions in the scar tissue can have a positive impact on their ability to recover and manage the back issues. Similarly with other abdominal scars, such as appendectomies. After releasing the tensions in scar tissue it tends to look just like a line on the skin rather than being an obvious scar that pulls inwards or to the side.

Due to the body’s ability to compensate for problems, we are often unaware of some of the issues until their load becomes too much and we start having aches and pains for no apparent reason. Seeking help for injuries when they happen as well as regular maintenance treatment can help you retain your vim and vigour and potentially avoid bigger problems at a later date.

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