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Nutrition to Help your Back

11th – 15th October is Back Care Awareness Week 2010

Here are a few nutritional factors important in good back care


Calcium, abundant in our local water is thought of as the main nutrient for bones. Absorption requires Vitamin D, which requires vitamin A for its absorption (last month’s tips).  Osteoporosis could be thought of as bone de-mineralisation, making all minerals, particularly magnesium, important for bone health.


Repaired by protein and fuelled by fruit, vegetables, legumes and grains. We have 2 main types of muscle fibres, often mixed together

  • Slow twitch
    Aerobic, slow moving, endurance, running, red muscle fibres
    Sodium, essential fatty acids, iron
  • Fast twitch
    Anaerobic, fast moving, short lasting, sprinting, white muscle fibres
    Potassium, glucose, vitamin B5



Soft tissue joining everything together; includes ligaments and discs.

Zinc, iron, vitamins A, C, B6, copper, proline, lysine, glycine.


Drinking water is important to keep the inter-vertebral discs hydrated and is considered one of the most important things you take for back health. Many disc problems are collagen related.

Stress produces chemicals that can make our

  • tissues acidic – leading to degenerative disease
  • ligaments loose – leaving joints vulnerable and unsupported
  • muscles tense – affecting lower back, neck, shoulders and jaw
  • nervous systems overactive – making us jumpy
  • slow twitch muscles unbalanced – affecting postural support and our ability to stand up comfortably
  • fast twitch muscles unbalanced – affecting our ability to keep going


Eating a rainbow diet, rich in fruit, vegetables and minerals is essential to good health and vitality.

  • Vitamin B – whole grains, green vegetables, meat, milk
  • Vitamin C – fruit and vegetables
  • Copper – liver, oysters, legumes, whole grains
  • Iron – meat, leafy green vegetables, whole grains, black strap molasses
  • Magnesium – nuts, bananas, whole grains, meats and leafy green vegetables
  • Potassium – dried fruits, whole grains, raw vegetables, bananas
  • Zinc – oysters, pumpkin seeds, vegetables grown in zinc rich soil


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