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Nutrition Aimed at Helping Cancer Prevention – (Aether Bios Clinic) Bridgeford’s Best Bites: Nutrition Tips

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2010

A few facts and figures about breast cancer

  • Only 7% thought to be genetic
  • Largest impact comes from lifestyle and diet
  • Many linked to excess oestrogen
  • Many contain toxic metals
  • Toxic metals, chemicals and Stress affect our health negatively


We are not totally at the mercy of our genes. Good nutrition can help good gene expression.

Estrogens can be found in

  • Water
  • Plastic, when heated, releases oestrogen mimickers into the food and water it holds
  • Hormone fed animals, particularly chicken – can also lead to Moobs (Man Boobs!)
  • Overloaded hormone pathways can shunt hormones down cancerous routes


We create toxins inside us as well as those from outside

  • Internal
    • Overloaded detoxification pathways affect liver, hormones, kidneys, lymph drainage
    • Over /under immune function creates inappropriate responses
  • External
    • Hormones – meat, milk, water, plastics
    • Metals – water, fish, dental fillings, aluminium pans, cosmetics, some medications
    • Chemicals –  herbicides, pesticides, cleaning products, drugs, alcohol, etc


Ongoing and unresolved stress creates toxic chemical overload.

Stress can be mental /emotional, chemical, physical, and situational. We can be unaware of stress in our body.

What can we do?

  • Eat
    • More fruit and vegetables, preferably local, organic and picked when ripe!
    • Cruciferous vegetables (e.g. broccoli) help the body mop up excess estrogens
    • Good quality oils
    • Good wholefood supplement
  • Limit toxic exposure
    • Choose organic where possible – foods, cosmetics, household products
    • Drink clean water – invest in a good filter to remove heavy metals and estrogens
    • Beware of heated plastic
  • Get regular checks to keep detoxification pathways functioning correctly
  • Reduce and release stress
    • Meditate, breathe, do yoga, exercise in fun ways, dance, sing, laugh
    • Be creative enjoy time alone and with others. Keep a sense of fun and balance
    • Discover what you are passionate about and what inspires you
  • Make choices to limit your risk of disease and increase your chances of health
  • Learn about early detection methods. Ask us!

We are happy to advise you on your health matters.

We are happy to advise you on your health matters. To learn about the full range of services offered by Aether Bios Clinic take a look at our website.

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