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Lin Bridgeford Osteopath

Brighton - Saltdean - Horam

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Applied Kinesiology


Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system which evaluates our structural, mental/emotional and chemical functions.  It employs manual muscle testing along with other standard diagnostic methods. Manipulation, diet, orthomolecular supplementation, the acupuncture meridian system, exercise and education are used therapeutically to help restore balance and maintain well-being.

Dr. George Goodheart discovered the importance of weak muscles and their clinical implications in 1964. He researched, lectured and wrote about them for the rest of his life. He was the first to observe that in the absence of congenital or pathologic anomaly, postural distortion is often associated with muscles that fail to meet the demands of muscle tests designed to maximally isolate specific muscles.

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Tel: 01273 309557

Lin Bridgeford DO FSCC ICAK (UK) MSc

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