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Lin Bridgeford Osteopath

Brighton - Saltdean - Horam

Tel: 01273 309557
Mob: 07710 227038

Visceral Osteopathy

Lin provides visceral osteopathic treatments in Brighton, Horam, Saltdean.

Viscera is the collective name for the organs present in the chest and abdomen. Visceral osteopathy therefore seeks to release tensions from the tissues around these organs to allow them to function freely. Often when there is a build up of tension in these organs they exert a pull on the spine through their ligamentous attachments. To avoid stretching these tensions the body then unconsciously hunches into the tension. This can be the hidden cause of chronic back and neck pain.

Visceral osteopathy may also aid functional problems of poor digestion or restricted breathing by directly addressing poor mobility of the organs in question.

For more information regarding Visceral Osteopathy in the Brighton area please contact Lin

Tel: 01273 309557
Mob: 07710 227038

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My Approach

I use an integrated approach, working in tune with your body using therapy options to help you enhance your body's potential health and well being. My vision is to work from pre-conception through pregnancy, birth & all of life using a holistic approach to help a wide variety of conditions

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"When I first consulted Lin my back was painful most days. I also felt emotionally drained and stressed. Lin has helped me make changes to my life, given me treatments and suggested nutritional supplements. This holistic approach to back pain has made me feel much better both emotionally and physically. "

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